Top row: Peter Wilkie, Victoria Silton, Luca Biason, Keny Arcangeli, Sayan Dev De, Eric Ward, Dzifa Amenuvegbe, Vibhora Singh, Eunice Cheng, Gemma Wode.

Second row: Jason Liu, Brentan Honeywood, Yuko Hoshino, Marzia Hoque, Sarah Humphrey, Sophie England, Gaelle Tregoning, Emeritus Professor Colin Steele, Aleisha Sevintekin, Zac Rayson.

Third row: Francisca Wong, James Mount, Olal Ekan, Katrina Zivkovic, Callum MacGill, Jeevan Jaikerwal, Daniel Fassnacht, Michael Brady, Kate Matthews, Jessica Nemet.

Fourth row: Tess Rooney, Simon Jones, Jeeeun Shin, Jemima Edwards, Alex Mai, Susan Hunt, Bill Strickland, Samantha Wong, Alex Cobb, Evan Packard.

Fifth row: Jesse Wallace, Graeme Clarke, David Dwyer, Jonathan Dampney, Jessy Lam, Matthew Bowes, Kathina Ali, Darcy Welsh, Kester Nip, Bob Alexander.

Sixth row: Mary Parker, Caitlin Ridgeway, Yash Vya, Bill Baker, Sukumar Mishra, Jack West, Lauren Powell, Kimmy Lee, Tom Champion, Stuart Kimmillon.

Bottom row: Sameen Mahmood, Tealeah Prior, Eddie Sollar, Morgan Cosgrove, Ben McConnell, Lachlan Meng, Tamai Heaton, Nicole Giffard, Emily Dickie, Makayla-May Brinckley.

70 Faces of ANU

For seven decades, people from across the world have flocked to ANU to be the first to learn the nature of things. As the University marks its 70th birthday, ANU Reporter asked the ANU community one question: What does ANU mean to you?


“My parents have worked here for most of my life so for me, ANU is almost home.” Jemima Edwards, studying Bachelor of Science.

“As far as the School of Art goes, ANU connects you into the industry in a way that other arts schools don’t or can’t.” Sarah Humphrey, studying Bachelor of Visual Arts.

“This is my new home. It’s a community and a place of study and friends.” Emily Dickie, studying Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

“ANU means opportunities that my parents didn’t have.” Sayan Dev De, studying Bachelor of Engineering.

“It means stress and assignments. It means time, money and not enough sleep.” Kimmy Lee, studying Bachelor of International Relations.

“I love the accepting and open culture here.” Sophie England, studying Bachelor of International Relations and Bachelor of Arts (History).

“I love the ANU campus. I wish I could still be a student.” Gaelle Tregoning, school teacher, visiting ANU with students.

“ANU is my former university. I love the campus, it feels like home. I return for the gym, it’s my own personal haven.” Bob Alexander, LLB (Hons) ’66.

“ANU is a new start. I’m returning to university after a 20-year break.” Peter Wilkie, studying Bachelor of Sociology.

“ANU is the place to better myself.” Olal Ekan, studying Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Commerce.

“ANU means an opportunity to grow, innovate and make the world a better place.” Sameen Mahmood, studying Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts.

“ANU is my gateway to the world.” Marzia Hoque, studying Bachelor of International Relations and Bachelor of Economics.

“ANU is the result of my parents’ hard work. I owe them everything.” Francisca Wong, studying Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts.

“It’s an opportunity to study topics that really interest me with really great researchers and lecturers.” Dzifa Amenuvegbe, studying Honours in Biology.

“ANU is a haven.” Susan Hunt, PhD candidate at the Fenner School of Environment and Society.

“Discovery.” Mary Parker, studying Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics.