Elizabeth Jones in the 1960s.

Elizabeth Jones in the 1960s.

Alumni Then and Now: Elizabeth Jones AO, BA ‘65

A career helping grass-roots actors gain a foothold in theatre has been the life's work of Elizabeth Jones AO.

For more than 40 years, Jones has worked at La Mama Theatre in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton.

But it's a year-long period at ANU in the 1960s that made all the difference.

"I only spent a year at ANU but it seemed one of the longest, fullest most complex years of my life," Jones says.

"Initially I became very much part of the world of the Godfrey-Smith clan.

This was Anne, who directed me in the Annual Review at Childers Street; Tony, the then chair of the Student Representative Council, and philosopher Bill.

"My world view expanded greatly. I chained myself to the bar of the Civic Hotel with Megan Stoyles in a valiant protest and fell in love with my fellow student Chris Manning.

"In term four, I moved away from home and into Bruce Hall and felt I had become a truly liberated woman.

"I think I was also blessed with utterly inspirational teachers, including Ken Ingliss, Bob Brissenden and Finn Crisp.