Danny Bishop and Chris Duffield in the 1990s.

Danny Bishop and Chris Duffield in the 1990s.

Alumni Then & Now: Danny Bishop, BE (Hons) '99 BEc '01 and Chris Duffield, BInfTech '05

Affectionately known to each other as Bish and Duff, DANNY BISHOP and CHRIS DUFFIELD have come a long way since their first days together at ANU.

The pair are now successful entrepreneurs and co-founders of the company Organic Response, which has revolutionised wireless lighting control and helped make buildings more energy efficient.

Bishop, who agreed to share his side of the story, says he first met Duffield when the ANU volleyball team needed an extra player.

"I remember turning up and bumping into one tall skinny guy [Chris] just outside the ANU gym. He just started talking to me like we had known each other forever," Bishop says.

Upon graduation, Bishop and Duffield took different career paths - Bishop pursed engineering whilst Duffield went into finance.

But it wasn't long before the two were pulled back together.

Bishop remembers going to work in Sydney for a few weeks and staying with Duffield.

One late night they were up chatting and came up with a new invention.

Over the next few months, they became more and more engaged with the concept and started to raise seed capital. Bishop's engineering background and Duffield's business acumen led them to found Organic Response.

Organic Response technology utilises Distributed Intelligence, employing wireless communication to control lights.

By applying Distributed Intelligence to lighting control, their technology allows each individual light in an occupied space to make lighting decisions.

Bishop explains what the system can do.