The ANU friend I'll never forget. Photo by Stuart Hay.

ANU students and staff often make friends for life on the University's campus. Photo by Stuart Hay.

The ANU friend I’ll never forget

Friendships come and go but some people make indelible marks on your life. We asked some ANU alumni who their favourite on campus friends were.

"My grandfather has been at ANU for 55 years or so and became an Emeritus Professor in the last couple of years.

I was highly influenced by my grandfather's ideas.

I grew up with them and I come from a fairly 'environmental' family, definitely an academic one, at least on my mother's side.

So it was pretty natural for me to go to the Fenner School [of Environment and Society] to study."

Karina Bontes Forward, B Asia-PacStud '14


"My best friend is my partner, Tony. He's kind, loving and caring.

We met at Garran Hall when we were both boarding.

He's still an inspiration to me all these years later. We respect each other's independence within our relationship, even though we now live and work together."

Michael McMahon, LLB '82