The ANU space I'll never forget

The ANU campus is a hive of activity yet it can also be a place of peace. Here's what ANU staff and alumni had to say about their favourite spaces on campus.

"I was the first Hong Kong undergraduate to graduate from ANU in 1961.

While at ANU, it was a privilege to befriend Lady Molly Huxley [wife of then ANU Vice-Chancellor Sir Leonard Huxley KBE].

From 1964, I was employed by the Department of Economics.

Without [Lady Huxley's] behind-the-scenes lobbying, I would not have been able to have fast-tracked my immigration status from a stateless studentship to Australian citizenship in 1966.

"Forever grateful, whenever I approach the Molly Huxley Room in University House, I perform a kowtow ritual. Passers-by find my behaviour very strange indeed."

Howard Liu, LLB '74, BA '64


"The Manuka campus of the School of Music.

Manuka was like a little creative village; we were separate to the main school and it enabled a creative atmosphere to grown.

We had some fantastic students and staff over there."

John Mackey, ANU School of Music lecturer


"I like the Crawford School of Public Policy, particularly Old Canberra House.

It's such a fascinating building, how the old meets the new. I like the dark woods, the places to sit and think in Old Canberra House.

It's great that the original feel has been retained."

Arjuna Mohottala, MIntDevEc '13, GradDipIntDevEc '12


"I like anywhere near Sullivan's Creek on a sunny day.

It's nice to walk around and get some fresh air.

Being a computational person, it is easy to sit too long in the office."

Dr Megan O'Mara, PhD '05, BSc '02