A work by Jonathan McCabe.

A work by Jonathan McCabe.

Art vs Science

In combining artistic license and mathematical algorithms, JONATHAN McCABE, Ma (EA) '00 has created a career-long passion that has taken his work around the world.

He specialises in the use of diffusion equations by legendary British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing to create rich textural morphologies and dense landscape works.

"I remember seeing this article about the Mandelbrot set in Scientific American in 1985 and becoming really excited about computer graphics," McCabe says.

"I had started with simple plotter-based line graphics in the early '80s and ended up creating some more complex graphics and got addicted to it."

McCabe's passion led him to study at the ANU Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology.

He then worked at the ANU Supercomputer Facility for about a decade.

In his spare time he creates beautiful, complex works of art which can be seen all over the world, including the Le Méridien hotel chain's Munich, Kuala Lumpur and Mauritius hotels.

Fittingly, a piece relating to Alan Turing's Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis theory was commissioned for the ANU Centre for Advanced Microscopy.