Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Bookshelf: Abbott’s Gambit - The 2013 Australia Federal Election

Tony Abbott's Liberal-National Government came to power in 2013 following one of the most tumultous times in the history of Australian politics.

After two terms of in-fighting and back room deals, Labor was booted out of office with a 17-seat swing towards the Coalition.

It seemed voters had believed Tony Abbott when he promised a "better future" and a "stronger Australia" - that this time around, "it would be all about you [the voters]".

But, despite these promises, the Australian Government seems to be back on the back-stabbing bandwagon.

Tony Abbott is now public enemy number one and facing a mutiny of his own.

While we all wonder who will be leading our country tomorrow, Abbott's Gambit: The 2013 Australia Federal Election provides all you need to know about the campaign that gave us Tony Abbott and his budgie smugglers, Jackie Lambie in the Senate and Clive Palmer on the crossbench.

It is edited by Carol Johnson, John Wanna and Hsu-Ann Lee.