Bookshelf: A Bark But No Bite

The central theme of A Bark But No Bite explores the puzzle as to how and why social and economic inequality affected the campaign and outcome of the 2014 general election in New Zealand.

While there was a lot of talk about inequality before the election and during the campaign, concern about inequality appeared to have no tangible effect on the election outcome.

This book examines the implications of social and economic inequality as a matter of political party contest, and provides a detailed account of these findings and a host of others.

A Bark But No Bite: Inequality and the 2014 New Zealand General Election is a collaboration by authors Jack Vowles, Hilde Coffé and Jennifer Curtin, all principal researchers of the 2014 New Zealand Election Study.

It was a topical must-read in the lead-up to the 2017 election as New Zealand still struggles with some of the same issues regarding the economy and inequality.


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