Bookshelf: China Story Yearbook 2016

‘Control’ is the theme of the China Story Yearbook 2016.

Since Xi Jinping’s election in 2012, he has steadily expanded his control over the Chinese Communist Party, the party’s control over the state and the state’s control over its citizens.

In 2016 the party laid down strict new rules of conduct for its members and continued to assert its dominance over everything from the Internet to the South China Sea.

It also announced a new Five-Year Plan that Greenpeace called ‘quite possibly the most important document in the world in setting the pace of acting on climate change’.

This book surveys the year in China’s economy, politics, culture, home and foreign affairs, including developments in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The China Story Yearbook 2016: Control brings together the various talents of the Australian Centre on China in the World.

It is aimed at the engaged public, as well as specialists, journalists, business people, diplomats and students.

It is edited by Associate Professor Jane Golley, Linda Jaivin and Dr Luigi Tomba.