Bookshelf - Geography, Power, Strategy and Defence Policy

Paul Dibb AM is widely known as one of the most significant policymakers and scholars in Australian history. 

Geography, Power, Strategy and Defence Policy is a collection of essays by more than a dozen of his friends and colleagues that provides unique insight into Dibb’s contribution to a range of fields, both personally and intellectually. 

Dibb began as a student of Soviet economic geography and spent nearly two decades working for the Australian Defence Force Intelligence, including service as Head of the National Assessment Staff and the Director of the Joint Intelligence Organisation.  

He became the Deputy Secretary of Defence and was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 1989 ‘in recognition of service to the Public Service’.

Dibb was also a Professor in the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at ANU, where he is now an Emeritus Professor.

The contributors for this volume are some of the leading figures in strategic studies and Australian Defence Policy in Australia including Allan Hawke, Chris Barrie, Kim Beazley, Hugh White, Richard Brabin-Smith, Robert Ayson, William Tow, Brendan Taylor, Benjamin Schreer and Peter Jennings.