Bookshelf: Taxonomic Tapestries

In biological research, taxonomy - the classification of organisms into species and groups - is a core structural principle.

Colin Groves is one of the world's leading taxonomists.

He has been Professor of Biological Anthropology at ANU for the past 40 years and his work has had an enormous impact on the field.

As a tribute to Groves, this book investigates the complexity, diversity and interwoven nature of taxonomy, primarily in the context of humans and related species.

Its goal is to achieve an understanding of human uniqueness and, in pursuit of this, it focuses on three themes: the evolution of the human species; the behaviour of primates and other species; and the way humans affect the distribution and abundance of other species through anthropogenic impact.

By weaving together these themes through Groves' considerable influence, Taxonomic Tapestries shows how changes in taxonomic theory and methodology have recrafted the way in which we view animal behaviour, human evolution and conservation studies.

It is edited by Alison Behie and Marc Oxenham.