A day in the life: Dr Christopher Sainsbury

Dr Christopher Sainsbury is an accomplished composer and a highly experienced music educator. His work and commissions range from Australian community choirs and youth orchestras to professional performers such as Erik Bosgraaf and Izhar Elias (two of the Netherlands’ leading avant-garde performers), the Spanish guitar virtuoso Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey, and locally the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

As an Australian composer from an Indigenous background, he directs the Australian Indigenous Composer Initiative. Relating to this heritage he fosters a sense of regional identity in his work – the articulation of regionalism in music composition. Before his appointment at ANU he was the Head of Arts, Music, Screen Studies and Theatre at Sydney’s Eora College, an Aboriginal vocational education college based in Redfern.

Here he reflects on a day in his role as Lecturer at the ANU School of Music.