Dropping a hint

It  took a suggestion from a mutual friend to get JESS TSIMERIS, PhD ’15 and JIMMY THOMSON, PhD ’14 together, as they tell ROSS PEAKE.

“After attending an Engineering ball together, a friend took me aside and bluntly told me just how oblivious I was. After that Jess and I started to spend a lot more time together. “

Jess agrees Jimmy was shy at first. “I was dropping hints all over the place and he was ignoring me,” she says.

“I would always ask Jimmy if we could work together and have lunch together, and we'd chat all the time. He wasn't taking any hints, and I eventually got fed up and I told a mutual friend of ours that I was pretty keen on Jimmy.

“The next day Jimmy asked me to go and see a movie with him and then we had dinner the day after and it progressed from there … it finally got through to him!”

They were both working on PhDs in computer science and first met at an event run by the ANU Computer Science Students’ Association (CSSA).

“He wouldn't even make eye contact with me at that point,” Jess recalls.