Editor's note

In this edition, we’re delighted to share the campus love story of Amy and David who met when they were both doing science degrees.

The 90s were heady times on campus and they recall a stint living in the Chancelry Building as a part of a week-long student occupation. After their wedding, they both went straight into doctorates! “Being able to graduate with our PhDs together, and having our first child present, was a magical moment.”

When you turn to the features section, see if you get a lump in your throat, as I did, reading the powerful story of how one baby’s tragic death led to a $20 million research program to prevent similar cases. Mackenzie’s Mission, funded by the Federal Government, will trial genetic testing for 10,000 Australian couples.

Another feature explores the research of Dr Vi Kie Soo from the ANU Research School of Engineering. Over the past five years she has been pulling apart car doors as part of her research into finding the best ways to recycle vehicles.

Teachers will be pleased to read about a series of lesson plans called ‘Planting science’ to help them bring photosynthesis to life in the classroom. The first set of lesson plans has been downloaded more than 1600 times by teachers all over Australia.