Editor's note

They say never judge a book by its cover, but what if it has two covers? Surely that means something special, right?

It does for this edition of Reporter – we’re celebrating the opening of the Kambri precinct on campus with a two-part edition.

On one side, you’ll find most of your favourite Reporter sections. Then, flip over for special stories on the teaching facilities and student residences, and great stories behind the new Kambri precinct at ANU.

The artwork on the Kambri cover is by Jeremyville, an Australian artist based in New York. We were excited to see his interpretation of the arts, culture and sense of community expected in the new precinct.

As you’ll read in the feature on the sustainability credentials of the development, the Marie Raey Teaching Centre and new student residential hall are made from wood, following research showing a link between wood and wellbeing.

Another story in the Kambri section of this edition reveals the project manager for the redevelopment was an ANU alumnus. Good karma there. Ben Owen did a magnificent job managing the many moving parts, as cranes swooped, bulldozers roared and workers swarmed over the precinct.