Editor's note

We have many terrific stories to share with you in this edition, which is back to the standard format. The February edition, a special for the opening of the Kambri precinct, featured two covers – a first for Reporter. Clearly you liked the way we changed the magazine – it ‘sold out’!

In this edition, flip to the Folio section for a stunning image of the night sky over Canberra taken by Associate Professor Seth Lazar, Head of the ANU School of Philosophy. You can find more of his photos of the Milky Way at reporter.anu.edu.au

Our cover image focuses on the future of renewable energy as ANU researchers work to improve the efficiency of solar cells. Dr Hieu Nguyen talks about the ‘aha’ moment for the team when they injected hydrogen cells into the skin layer on a silicon solar cell, which is 1000 times thinner than a human hair.

The Love story comes from Yohanni and Tony Johns who met in Sumatra – a chance meeting that would shape the rest of their lives. Theirs is a union that has stood the test of time – 63 years and now they have five children and 12 grandchildren.

Our article on the Day in the life of a member of the University community features Biomedical Engineer Dr Kiara Bruggeman who is developing technology that could be used for stroke patients, to administer drugs directly to the damaged area of the brain. And, on top of her research, she tells us she does two gym classes a day!

I was keen to read the feature on research into treating autoimmune disease – and I wasn’t disappointed. Diagnosing immune disorders can be very difficult and it’s not unusual for the process to take years. However, the conceptual advance made by the Centre for Personalised Immunology at the ANU John Curtin School of Medical Research is to start the research with a specific patient, sequencing their genome and looking at the many mutations that a patient has in order to see which one is the cause for the disease. So I’m looking forward to hearing the next step as this evolves into effective treatments.

Another story catching my attention in this issue is about the ‘Holy Grail of palaeontology’ – the stunning discovery of the earliest known animal by PhD scholar Ilya Bobrovskiy who used a radical new form of fossil analysis.

You can also read Peter Garrett’s comments on the ‘hell of this summer past’, why distinguished journalist and commentator Mark Kenny is joining ANU and the backstory to the naming of Joppy Lane in Kambri. How great is that precinct!

Hope you enjoy this issue.

Ross Peake AE
Editor, ANU Reporter