Editor's note

This edition gives a powerful insight into the brilliant research happening all around the ANU campus.


Our cover image of a Mangrove Jezebel Delias aestiva butterfly in the wild links to the research of Michael Brady, an Honorary Associate Professor and butterfly expert. He has trawled swamps, crawled under bushes and reached into the highest treetops to discover several new species.

If, like me, you know very little about the dark net, you will also be appalled to learn about the market in drugs available at the click of a mouse. A team from the ANU Cybercrime Observatory found Australians have access to ‘alarming amounts’ of synthetic opioids – such as fentanyl and carfentanil – available on the dark web. How can researchers help doctors who have to break bad news? Counter-intuitively, it’s by embracing this upsetting experience – rather than avoiding it or trying to hurry it – that doctors can reduce their own anxiety.

Another story catching my attention is Red September, the profile of Emeritus Professor Larry Sitsky AO. Moscow is organising a special tribute to this ANU academic – but when he first heard about it, he thought the plan was a hoax.

This edition’s Love Story comes from Anne and Adam Masters – the artist and the criminologist. You’ll read about a proposal that involved vodka caprioskas and a ‘monstrously over priced rose’ from a street vendor in Rome.

In the Opinion section, our resident Game of Thrones expert Tania Evans says the series presents us with a strong message about masculinity and violence. “If violence is to be used at all, it must only be in service to others.”

This is my last edition as editor; I am sad to be leaving the University but excited by a new challenge ahead. I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed towards the success of this publication. Special thanks to all the enthusiastic contributors – without you, there wouldn’t be a Reporter.

Hope you enjoy this issue.