A first day at university can occasionally be a bit awkward. Photo by Stuart Hay.

A first day at university or a new job can occasionally be a bit awkward. Photo by Stuart Hay.

The first day I’ll never forget

Starting a new university, job or even sports class can bring up some interesting situations. Here's some that the ANU community has experienced.

"When I started my first full time job, I turned up on the first day wearing what I did for my interviews; a nice new suit.

"From the moment I met my supervisor in the foyer on that first morning, I knew this was a bad idea.

"It turns out I was incredibly overdressed. Even 'smart casual' would have been too smart for this place.

"So I took off the tie and suit jacket and hoped to blend in. However, there was no avoiding the fact that I looked like the new kid all day.

"The moral of the story is always ask what to wear on your first day."

James Bowley, studying Bachelor of Economics


"I met my best friend on my first day of high school. I didn't know it at the time, she was a year older than me and part of the 'cool' group, of which I was not.

"About 10 years later, we share everything together.

"She's a major part of my life and I'll certainly never forget that day."

Jill Morris, ANU Reporter subscriber, Bonython, ACT


"When I started at ANU, I moved into a residential hall. It was a great place and remains somewhere I think of fondly.

"But when I first moved in, I accidentally spilt coffee all over myself, in front of my new housemates, some of which I had met a couple of minutes before.

"I was given the nickname 'Overload' for a while."

Sarah Wallenby, Melbourne, VIC