Emeritus Professor John Love. Photo by Stuart Hay.

Emeritus Professor John Love. Photo by Stuart Hay.

A gift of Love

After a long career teaching and researching at ANU, Emeritus Professor John Love has donated $1.05 million to establish the Love Scholarships - designed to help students who most need financial support.

The first scholarship will be awarded in 2016, with new winners in subsequent years.

Up to five scholarship holders will be at ANU by 2020.The scholarships will be worth up to $50,000 over five years and are open to students in any field at ANU.

Scholarship winners will be chosen from student applicants who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, who are admitted to ANU under the Principals or Schools Recommendation Scheme.

"During the last 40 years I've come across difficult circumstances for friends, relatives, students," Love says.

"It started me thinking about how I could help people, particularly as I don't have any family to support.

"So I thought about setting up some scholarships for students who are academically good enough to be at ANU, but for all sorts of odd reasons can't get here for financial, medical or other reasons. I'm lucky to be in a position to do that."

Watch the video below to see why Love decided to help students through scholarships.