Letters to the Editor
Volume 46 Number 3

I can finally dream again

Four years ago I would've never thought that I would be at one of the best universities in Australia. I didn't even know I would be in Australia.

I was born and raised in Greece. Greece used to be the place everyone wanted to visit.

As the years passed, things started getting really bad with the economy. I knew my life was ruined. My dreams were over.

Until the day when my dad asked me and my family: "Do you want to move in Australia?"

I was 14 years old and full of excitement. I said yes.

At the age of 15, I lived in a country where I couldn't communicate well.

I didn't want this to stop me from success so I tried hard every day and did the best I could.

College was harder than I thought but I was successful. I got a great ATAR and everyone was proud of me. 

Sitting on my couch now with ANU Reporter at 18 years old and after all those struggles, I know that ANU is the place for me.

ANU is the place that will help me make my dreams come true because I can finally dream again.

Vasiliki Kipourou, Canberra