Molly Townes O'Brien and Dr Charley Lineweaver. Photo by Stuart Hay.

Associate Professors Molly Townes O'Brien and Charley Lineweaver. Photo by Stuart Hay.

The law in our stars

It was like the movie Casablanca. In 1979, young astronomer CHARLEY LINEWEAVER and lawyer MOLLY TOWNES O'BRIEN met in the cafeteria at Brown University in the US.

They fell in love and all seemed great until a misunderstanding tore them apart. But unlike the movie, their story had a very different ending, as they tell ROSEMARY SCHMEDDING, BA'82.

Charley Lineweaver

"For me it was love at first sight. We went on a few dates.

We roamed around the docks in Providence harbour. We went to a greyhound race. We tried to find the Boston zoo. We also rented some roller skates and skated around the Brown campus.

Then it was exactly like the movie Casablanca. I was Humphrey Bogart and Molly was Ingrid Bergman. We were in love but in Providence, not Paris.

Like Bogart and Bergman, we became separated by a misunderstanding. 

If you replace the Second World War with our ex-spouses and replace Casablanca with Canberra, you get an accurate picture. 

Then, instead of heading off in different directions, I got an email from Ingrid [Molly], who was taking her son to visit Brown University and wrote to say she remembered me.I wrote back."

Roman red-slip plate by Ricky Vuckovic on Sketchfab