Leading the world

After being on the faculty of the Julliard School of Music and Hofstra University in New York, Professor Kenneth Lampl recently became Head of the ANU School of Music. He talks about his vision to carve out a global niche for the School and how he will nurture the next generations of outstanding musicians.

This is one of the most exciting times to be alive in the history of music. Musicians have never before had the opportunity to make a cultural impact on the scale that we now have, nor the opportunity to explore so many interesting artistic pathways and collaborations locally and globally.

What drew me to ANU was the once in a lifetime opportunity to create a world-class and innovative school of music that delivers a 21st century music education, one which will both develop artists who address the challenges of contemporary musical culture and equips those students with the skills and tools to thrive as musical entrepreneurs.

My vision for the School is to be the world’s leading 21st century music school, where excellence and discovery provide the foundation for the game changers of tomorrow.

For the past few decades the landscape of music has been advancing at a very fast pace. What musicians need now to have successful careers in music is very different to what they needed 20 years ago. Sadly, as I have seen in my teaching across the world, the pace of the music industry is far ahead of what is currently addressed in university and conservatory music curricula. The opportunity that I see for us is to lead the way and have the world’s first 21st century music program, to nurture outstanding musical artistry through the equal intersection of performance, composition and technology. I believe that discovery lies at the heart of both creativity and excellence.