ANU Reporter from July 1982.

ANU Reporter from July 1982.

Leg warmers and chunky jumpers for energy saving

REBECCA BLACKBURN, GradDipRes&EnvMan (Hons) '99, BA '91, BSc '91 takes a look back at staff suggestions for saving energy around campus in the July 1982 edition of ANU Reporter.

It was the early 1980s, energy prices were still high after the 1979 oil crisis and ANU Reporter was on the case of how the University could save energy.

Just like today, the concern was justified. It was a topic of conversation for staff across ANU and suggestions - just like today - went from the practical to the bizarre.

Joyce Campion, a laboratory technician at The John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR) and a member of the University Council, enthusiastically recommended ANU discourage staff from "turning on ovens and Bunsen burners" to stay warm.

"In parts of JCSMR, the temperature drops to 12c. This is uncomfortable. Further, it is difficult for technical staff to be mobile and wear bulky clothing," Campion said.

However, for Director of the ANU Health Service Dr Bryan Furnass, bulky clothing was a reasonable suggestion.

"People could dress more for the prevailing external environment rather than an artificially heated internal environment," he said.