Letina Connelly. Photo courtesy IBM.

Letina Connelly. Photo courtesy IBM.

Letina Connelly BSc '86

Alumni then and now

Her career has taken her far and wide around the world, not following a typical path. Ross Peake reports.

Letina Connelly says her ANU Bachelor of Science degree with majors in maths and statistics really stretched her.

“It’s almost like being an athlete – you come in as good raw material and you come out as a really sharp, top-class thinker,” she says. “I remember when I graduated I thought, ‘Wow, I’m a finely-tuned engine now, ready to roll’.”

Her advice to students? “Stretch yourself, see how good you can be, you might surprise yourself.”

Letina has worked for IBM for 32 years – including 18 years overseas, living across four countries – and is now Vice-President Asia Pacific Strategy and Business Development, based in Sydney. “After that length of time overseas, I thought I would anchor back in Australia.”