Letters to the Editor
Volume 47 Number 4

Letters to the editor

Dear readers

What an exciting year it’s been. As well as celebrating our 70th birthday, the University community has been making headlines, nationally and internationally.

We’re still a young university but we’ve put down significant markers and now we’re working on a plan for the next 10 years to build a great legacy for future generations.

As the end of the year draws near, I hope we are continually improving the University environment where we can all reach our full potential.

Of course there’s more to do as a community striving to be the best and I know you share my passion to work hard together to achieve our goals.

After speaking to many members of the University community, one message is loud and clear – we should think big and bold and be audacious in our ambition, to be counted among the best in the world.

Research is at the heart of all we do and I am thrilled to hear of the exciting breakthroughs ANU has been part of this year, including the possibility of a simple blood test to detect breast cancer and the discovery
of gravitational waves.

One key part of my mission for ANU is to improve our diversity. As a start,we have committed to a 50-50 gender balance in leadership roles across the University – because having diverse leadership will give us good leadership.

As the national university, we’re striving to bring together students from across the country and the region, from all social and economic backgrounds.

To achieve that, ANU will lead the country in changing the way universities admit students. Starting in 2018, students applying to ANU will be considered on the whole person, not just their ATAR score.

Another exciting piece of news is the formation of a cross-campus forum to influence the formation of public policy. It will draw on the excellence in policy research from across our university and apply it to the grand challenges facing our world.

By far the strongest message I’ve heard this year from the University community is the desire for us to be one ANU.

To do that, we’ll be looking, with your help, to find ways to transform ANU into a university noted for its collegiality.

Thank you all for your support during this busy year.

I hope you have time to relax with your loved ones over the holiday period.

Best wishes,

Professor Brian P Schmidt AC