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As I'm not an arty person myself, I thought the way it was written was really engaging and took me right there into the exhibition.
"My ANU story is that both my parents have worked at ANU since I was born 20 years ago.
"I have found the magazine very interesting covering various important issues, especially the one highlighting the 100 years since Gallipoli [The essence of being Australian?, Vol 46, No 1].
"I have really enjoyed the recent redesign of ANU Reporter.
I read ANU Reporter from cover to cover on my flight to Melbourne.
Thank you for bringing the ANU Buggy Shed to life.
ANU is the place that will help me make my dreams come true because I can finally dream again.
The iPad app is very easy to read and really interactive.
Thank you for the hard copy of ANU Reporter, I find it much more sensual than a tablet.I like the format, the texture of the paper, the quality of the images.