Dr David Bissell. Photo by Stuart Hay.

Dr David Bissell. Photo by Stuart Hay.

The life of a commuter

The daily commute to-and-from work is one of life's painful necessities and an ANU study suggests it's having more of an impact on us than we thought.

Commutes are changing people's tolerances and even long term desires, according to Dr David Bissell, from the ANU School of Sociology.

He studied commuters in Sydney but says his report - Understanding the impacts of commuting - is applicable to workers around the world.

You can view his research below.

"Sydneysiders have the longest average commutes than anywhere in Australia so I've conducted interviews with a range of commuters who travel by car, by public transport and by bike," Bissell says.

"Commuting is having profound impacts on people's lives and it's changing people's lives in all kinds of ways.

"It's changing our tolerances, it's changing what we desire from our lives on the longer term and how we interact with each other."