ANU archaeologists found Mungo man in 1968.

ANU archaeologists found Mungo man in 1968.

The messages from Mungo

When a team of ANU archaeologists, working at Lake Mungo in south-western New South Wales, identified human remains that erosion had uncovered, they started a discussion that changed traditional ideas of Aboriginal history, suggesting the female remains were 40,000 years old.

The tale has been thoroughly researched by filmmaker and ANU alumnus Andrew Pike OAM and ANU Indigenous historian Professor Ann McGrath to create Message from Mungo, a documentary eight years in the making.

The comprehensive film takes a look at the account of the events that transpired between Professor Jim Bowler's discovery of the so-called Mungo Lady's cremated remains in 1968 and the scientific community's return of her remains to local Aboriginal elders in a ceremony in 1992.

In this video below, Pike and McGrath explain the processes that went into the making of the film.