More than a flesh wound

The coronavirus crisis threatens to have long-term impacts far beyond public health. As an expert panel discussed on an ANU podcast, young people could suffer from “economic scarring” caused by the COVID-19 crisis for years to come. Angus Blackman reports.

Until 12 months ago, many younger Australians might have felt like they had the world at their fingertips.

Generally well-travelled, highly educated, and living in a country that hadn’t been in recession for nearly three decades, the opportunities for many seemed limitless.

But after a catastrophic bushfire season causing unprecedented destruction, then a global pandemic leading to the biggest health and economic crises in generations, Australian youth preparing to take flight have been grounded.

While the short-term dangers posed by the pandemic are significant, experts are also concerned that this crisis might leave more than just a scratch on younger Australians in the long run.