Professor Genevieve Bell. Photo by J. R. Mankoff.

My vision for the future of technology

ANU has announced a 10-year plan to drive the expansion of its program in engineering and computer science. The expansion in part will be led by one of the world's top technologists, Professor Genevieve Bell, who will be based within the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Professor Bell recently joined the University from Intel, and will lead a new Autonomy, Agency and Assurance Institute, to be known as the 3A Institute, co-founded with CSIRO's Data61, Australia's largest data innovation network. The 3A Institute will bring together the best researchers from around the world and a range of disciplines to build a new applied science around the management of artificial intelligence, data and technology and of their impact on humanity.

Here is an edited extract of a speech in which Professor Bell detailed her vision.

A notion of an applied science is the idea that you can have both theory and practice, so a body of knowledge and a notion that it should be applied; the idea that there are moments in time when the world changes, either in its technological infrastructure or its social one or some combination of both, and there needs to be a moment when you respond and react to that and say, “How might we want to engage with that world differently?”