Celia and Richard Anderson

Celia and Richard Anderson

Our long-distance love

Love story

Richard and Celia Anderson, BA ’13, met when he was an exchange student from the UK and they were both on the Burton and Garran Hall residents' committee. After a long-distance relationship, visa application process and two weddings, they recently gave up a smashed avocado lifestyle to buy their first house together.


I came to Australia to study for a year and within a few days of being on these shores, I bumped into Celia. She was the life of the party, loud and funny. We very quickly became the best of friends. We played pool most evenings, were on the residents committee together and used to regularly argue about the meaning of life and the existence of God until the early hours.Given my time in Canberra had an expiry date, I had to make sure every move counted after I realised that she was special. I surprised her with pizza delivered to the top of Mt Ainslie to watch the sunset together over the city (thanks to all those who helped me pull this off). And so began our whirlwind romance.