Aidan Parkes is a PhD Candidate and Research Officer in the ANU Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (CAIS).

Aidan’s research sits within the intersection of international political theory and West-Asia area studies. He completed his BA and Honours in international security studies (ISS) at the ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC). His 2018 honours thesis explored Pakistan’s Afghanistan policy and implications for the Sino-Pakistan strategic partnership. His doctoral research focuses on transnational Shi’ism and world order. He has appeared on Voice of America (VOA), Sky News Australia and other media outlets.

Aidan’s current areas of interest orient around West-Asian society and security. Specifically, this includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. He is also a Fellow at the Sectarianism, Proxies and De-sectarianisation (SEPAD) Project at the Richardson Institute – Lancaster University.

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