Illustration by Anya Wotton 

Protecting the future of water

With the management of water becoming an ever more urgent concern on a global, national and local scale, ANU has launched a new water institute to address the major issues. Hannah Feldman reports. 

Ensuring the future of water is essential to life and health on Earth. That’s easier said than done and the future of this life-sustaining and vital resource is beset by many challenges and threats.

Increasing demand for and scarcity of water, changing patterns of rainfall and evaporation, and the growing recognition of the importance of water for cultural and environmental reasons are putting huge pressure on our water resources and on water managers. 

To help navigate the challenge, ANU has set up the Institute for Water Futures (IWF), which is dedicated to understanding long-term changes to Australian freshwater and connecting policy and practice with the latest research.  

The Water Futures’ key vision is to understand change and enable action in the Australian water landscape, with particular focus on Australian communities.