Q&A: Jeremy Liew

Jeremy Liew, BSc (Hons) ’93, BA (Hons) ’94, is a venture capitalist who made headlines earlier this year when his prescient early investment in Snapchat reaped billions in profits for his company, Lightspeed Venture Partners.
But a long time before Jeremy made history as one of the world’s most visionary investors, he was a gifted maths student at ANU not averse to champagne-inspired escapades.
Eva Medcalf reports.

MEDCALF: Why did you choose to study at ANU?

LIEW: I attended the National Maths Summer School at ANU in year 11 and year 12 and really liked the experience. Then when I got a scholarship to attend, it made the decision easy.

You studied linguistics and mathematics at ANU. What were your career aspirations at the time?

I intended to become a mathematician and initially started out just studying mathematics. I added linguistics later on to try to broaden both my academic focus and my social circle!