Graphic by Anya Wotton

Responses to the March4Justice movement

The women of Australia are fed-up and furious. They are tired of the sexism, disrespect and sexual violence that permeates our most powerful institutions and plays out in our workplaces and homes.

The grassroots March4Justice movement emerged as a clarion call for change, showcasing this discontent loud and clear. It culminated in more than 110,000 women and their allies taking to the streets across the nation on 15 March. The movement has united people across political divides and sectors, demonstrating that gendered violence and inequality is a whole-of-society issue, demanding a whole-of-society response. 

The research and insights of ANU experts can help shape this response. They can shape the way we transform systems and attitudes, using the most robust evidence and analysis to better support women’s safety and opportunities. From warning against the misguided use of technology to communicate consent, to better understanding the needs of Indigenous people impacted by sexual and family violence, ANU women are offering ways forward for the nation at this critical crossroads. 

Here’s what they have to say: