Letters to the Editor
Volume 48 Number 1

Serving in the armed forces in Vietnam

I was a part-time student at ANU from 1971 to 1977, upon completion of my national service obligation. I served in the same company (A Coy) of my infantry battalion (3RAR) with another national serviceman and ANU graduate, Alan Loomes (deceased), in Vietnam in 1968.

We literally fought against the Viet Cong (the combat arm of the National Liberation Front) and North Vietnamese Army and witnessed the deaths of several of our fellow national service and regular army comrades in combat. No doubt other ANU graduates also served in the armed forces in Vietnam and shared similar experiences.

I was appalled and saddened to read in the Spring 2016 Edition of the ANU Reporter Megan Stoyles's admission, if not boast, that members of the then School of General Studies had embraced "support for the National Liberation Front in 1966".

Dennis Callaghan BA 1977