Letters to the Editor
Volume 48 Number 1

Social sciences

There is quite a bias in your numbers against the social sciences, and a touch of political correctness (or even rewriting of history). No mention of the formation of the Faculty (and degree) of Asian Studies – the only such faculty/degree in Australia – in 1967. No mention of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies. No mention of Sir John Crawford, Sir Marcus Oliphant, Sir Ernest Titterton.

And some insignificant administrative "events" such as the creation of the ANU "Graduate School' in 1970 and the 'Canberra Institute of the Arts' in 1992 are singled out.

A few other significant centres and individuals are not mentioned: the Indonesia Research Project, the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project, the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, the Development Studies Centre, or its predecessor the NCDS.

Trevor Wilson BA (Asian Studies) 1967