A stirring story inspires new hall

A new residential hall built on the foundations of resilience, humour and a readiness to give back will open its doors in 2019, thanks to the vision of two of Australia's most generous philanthropists. Ross Peake reports.

A crime of poverty, a convict’s survival and his success in Australia form part of the story of the new Wright Hall.

This new accommodation for students is being built at the end of University Avenue and will take its first residents in 2019.

The hall – along with the new Bruce Hall – is being funded by Louise and Graham Tuckwell who have also established the Tuckwell Scholarship Program. Both projects are crafted to align with their ethos of giving back to Australia.

Wright and Bruce Halls are designed to set new standards in student accommodation and catering, and will build on the collegiate traditions and experiences of the University residential life.

Wright Hall is named after Louise Tuckwell’s family, which descends from her convict ancestors who came to Australia on the First and Second Fleets.“My family came to Australia in the most desperate of circumstances,” she says.