Volume 45 Number 2
Volume 45 Number 2
Zabuton, Kensuke Todo, 2013, mild steel, 26 x 70 x 68 cm, Arthur Roe Collection Melbourne. Photo by Stuart Hay.
Steel bashed into the shape of a cushion, weighed down by a steel box. An ‘apex’ traveling downwards. A set of stairs lying sideways on the floor.
Dr Steve Lee with his droplet lens invention. Photo by Stuart Hay.
Like many great discoveries, the first droplet lenses were made by accident.
A still from the Beyond Borders video.
As passengers sit on an Air Canada plane in Vancouver, waiting to take off for Hong Kong, the in-flight entertainment system lights up and a video starts to play.
Old Canberra House has been an integral part of Canberra for more than 100 years. Photo: supplied.
Amongst all the celebrations and excitement of Canberra's centenary celebrations in 2013, ANU missed its chance to celebrate the 100th birthday of one of our most iconic buildings – Old Canberra House.