Volume 46 Number 4
Volume 46 Number 4
ANU Research School of Chemistry Director Dr John Carver with his son John in front of the John Carver Building.
What’s in a name? A procession of John Carvers has helped shape ANU and Australian science for decades, as DR PHIL DOOLEY, BSc (Hons) ’90, PhD ’99 explains.
European archaeology lecture Dr Catherine Frieman. Photo by Stuart Hay.
Take a few minutes with European archaeology lecturer DR CATHERINE FRIEMAN, from the ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology
Molly Townes O'Brien and Dr Charley Lineweaver. Photo by Stuart Hay.
It was like the movie Casablanca. In 1979, young astronomer CHARLEY LINEWEAVER and lawyer MOLLY TOWNES O’BRIEN met in the cafeteria at Brown University in the US.
A robot. Photo: Flickr.
If Skynet of The Terminator movies is going to exterminate us, then it seems pretty tame - if not pointless - to start discussing regulation and liability.