Volume 47 Number 3
Volume 47 Number 3
Professors Mark Oliphant, Professor Keith Hancock and Sir Howard Florey (right) looking over the undeveloped university site, 1948.
Visions of a world-leading institution contrasted greatly with the practical reality of a large paddock when the University’s founders met over Easter in 1948. JAMES GRUBEL reports.
England Banggala (Bangala), Rainbow Serpent
A philanthropic gift from one of the country’s most influential economic anthropologists researching Indigenous development will bring traditional bark paintings to a revamped Drill Hall Gallery, as PARIS LORD explains.
Wadi Dayqah Dam
The rugged landscape of Oman is a geologist’s dream and for PhD candidate JOËLLE DUCOMMUN the desert became a reality.
For seven decades, people from across the world have flocked to ANU to be the first to learn the nature of things. As the University marks its 70th birthday, ANU Reporter asked the ANU community one question: What does ANU mean to you?