Volume 48 Number 1
Volume 48 Number 1
Richard Roxburgh
Actor Richard Roxburgh, B Econ ’84, is well known for his character Cleaver Greene, the mercurial barrister in the popular ABC-TV series Rake. Less well known is that the genesis of the character came from his student days at ANU – from an eccentric character who hung around the Union Bar. Roxburgh admits to spending too much time at the bar himself over the course of his economics degree. However, he managed to graduate and then detoured into a successful acting career. A new venture is writing a children’s book.
After meeting at the ANU Alumni Gala Dinner in Melbourne in November 2015, Elaine Li, BA ’13 and Jonathan Craig, LLM ’14 immediately liked each other, but a missed phone call meant they might not meet again.
Suzy Urbaniak. Photo: Prime Minister's Prizes for Science, Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.
SUZY URBANIAK, BSc Geol (Hons) ’87, is passionate about taking her students out of the classroom and is surprised how little teaching styles have changed over the years.
Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto. Photo by Zoe Cameron.
Learning the language was embarrassing at times but ZOE CAMERON persevered and enjoyed her exchange.