Volume 49 Number 2
Volume 49 Number 2
Jesse Wallace in a cave tracking bogong moth migration. Photo by Lannon Harley.
A research project in Australia and Sweden is trying to understand how bogong moths perform incredible feats of navigation. Kate Prestt reports.
Jacqueline Bian and Mark Ma.
Jacqueline Bian, MBus ’11 and Mark Ma, MFinMgt ’11 first met as international students from China studying at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE). Today, they are not only happily married but are business partners in their translation company WordsTalk.
Dr Gavin J D Smith. Photo by Lannon Harley.
This year has been frenetic for Deputy Head of the ANU School of Sociology Dr Gavin J D Smith. Here he reflects on a typical day in the life of a snake-catching sociologist.
Associate Professor Skye Saunders
I grew up in Central Western NSW and feel the spirit of the bush in my blood. It’s because of this passion that I have devoted my research to situating the complexities of sexual harassment in rural and remote Australian workplaces.