Volume 49 Number 3
Volume 49 Number 3
Houses on Bruny Island. Photo by Jamie Kidston.
ANU scientists have high hopes their technology will help spell the end of fossil fuels in Australia’s electricity grid. Will Wright reports.
Celia and Richard Anderson
Richard and Celia Anderson, BA ’13, met when he was an exchange student from the UK and they were both on the Burton and Garran Hall residents' committee. After a long-distance relationship, visa application process and two weddings, they recently gave up a smashed avocado lifestyle to buy their first house together.
Louise Tuckwell. Photo by Paul Wright.
A new residential hall built on the foundations of resilience, humour and a readiness to give back will open its doors in 2019, thanks to the vision of two of Australia's most generous philanthropists. Ross Peake reports.
Virtual reality goggles allow immersion in video games. Photo by Lannon Harley.
Unexpected partnerships across the University campus are producing innovative and successful collaborations, as Evana Ho writes.