Volume 50 No 1
Volume 50 No 1
Kambri precinct, with the Marie Reay Teaching Centre on the right (artist's impression).
The flexible teaching spaces at Kambri will inspire quality teaching and learning, as Glen O'Grady and Grady Venville report.
graphic of numbers
Kambri by numbers
Aicee Calma and Alexandru Colibaba. Photo by Lannon Harley.
Aicee Calma, MChD ’15, and Alexandru Colibaba, MChD ’15, met on the first day of Med School and found a shared love in human anatomy classes. They spoke to Anna Flanagan.
Birdsong, Rosalie Gascoigne, 1999. Sawn plywood retroreflective road signs, on backing board; Image courtesy of Justin Miller Fine Art, Sydney.
Rosalie Gascoigne AM is one of Australia’s best-known artists who is unrivalled in her emotive depictions of the landscapes surrounding Canberra. A new book presents for the first time all known, finished works by the artist. Julia Boyd and Emily Hazlewood report.