Volume 50 Number 2
Volume 50 Number 2
Julia Ellyard, Carola Vinuesa, Susan Tadros and Matthew Cook. Photo by Stuart Hay.
We often overuse the word 'revolutionary'. Sometimes something revolutionary happens. Tabitha Carvan reports.
Batase Library, facing the Langtang Himalayan Range. Libraries are more than just a collection of books – they provide a safe place where communities can gather together to develop new skills and fight social inequality.  Photo by Christina Lee.
Christina Lee, a third-year Law and Arts (Human Rights) student, has already experienced the power of university students to change the world.
Yohanni and Tony Johns. Photo by Jamie Kidston.
Indonesian tradition would never have allowed Tony, a Briton, to marry Yohanni, who is a Mingangkabau. Adam Spence reports.
Katrina Power at the Museum of Australian Democracy. Photo by Jamie Kidston.
If you enjoy your next visit to the Museum of Australian Democracy, the person to thank is Katrina Power, BA (Art History and Curatorship) (Hons) ’97.