Volume 50 Number 3
Volume 50 Number 3
A strange fungal disease is killing frogs and other amphibians in Australia and other parts of the world. Never fear, though – ANU scientists are on the case to stop the killing spree. Will Wright and Peter O’Rourke report.
Lindsey Bignell next to the ANU's 14UD particle accelerator at the Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility, which he uses to understand the response of the dark matter detector to different types of particles. Photo: Lannon Harley
Scientists will build a research lab at the bottom of a gold mine in country Victoria in an effort to crack one of the Universe’s biggest mysteries. Will Wright reports.
What does the latest research predict about the future for Antarctica? Amanda Cox reports.
Undercover researchers at ANU are on the front line of a new war on drugs in cyberspace. Rachel Curtis reports.