Letters to the Editor
Volume 45 Number 3

In the words of Benjamin Franklin

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the copy of the latest ANU Reporter. It is most professional. You should be very chuffed at the result.

We must admit that we had never previously heard of polywater and, from what you say, we will probably never hear of it again.

After looking at the illustrations of Kensuke Todo's work it was surprising to read of the size of the exhibits.

Some of the matter was a bit technical but we will continue wading through.

A couple of articles reminded me of the anecdote regarding Benjamin Franklin.

As a child he one day said to his mother:

"I have just imbibed an acephalous mollusc".

She gasped.

Thinking he'd eaten some poison, she immediately forced him to take an emetic.

When he had recovered from retching he said, "All I did was eat an oyster".

His mother gave him a clip on the ear for telling lies in the first place.

Right there and then he decided never to use a big word when a little one would do.

But sometimes techo things need techo words to describe them."

George and Mildred Wilton, Sydney