As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, The Australian National University (ANU) has experts who can comment on several aspects of the war.

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Dr Sonia Mycak 
Research Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies 

Expertise: History of conflict between Ukraine and Russia, repercussions for Europe, Ukraine requests to join NATO

Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb 
ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre 

Expertise: Why Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the implications of a Russian defeat, the prospects of a negotiated settlement 

Dr Anton Moiseienko 
ANU College of Law
Expertise: State of economic sanctions against Russia in relation to enforcement of asset freezes against sanctioned oligarchs, potential confiscation of frozen assets

Dr Leonid A Petrov 
Visiting Fellow, ANU School of Culture, History and Language 

Expertise: The Russian aggression against Ukraine, Russia’s domestic policies and international affairs including the North Korean armament and labour exports to the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine

Professor John Blaxland 
Head of International Security and Intelligence Studies, ANU Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs 

Expertise: Intelligence, security, Australian military history and strategy, defence, international relations, public policy

Mr Kyle Wilson 
Visiting Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies 

Expertise: All aspects of Russia past and present with a particular focus on Russian national myths and the history of Russian thought, Sino-Russian relations, the history of Australian-Russian ties

Dr Charles Miller   
Senior Lecturer, ANU School of Politics and International Relations
Expertise: Military conflict/operations, US foreign policy and grand strategy, international relations, diplomacy, use of chemical weapons

Dr Benjamin Herscovitch 
Research Fellow, ANU National Security College and ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance 

Expertise: China’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Australia and the broader international response to Russia’s invasion, implications of Russia’s invasion for China’s approach to Taiwan

Associate Professor Stephen Fortescue 
Visiting Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies 

Expertise: Also an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales, he is an expert in contemporary Russian politics and economics and can comment on the situation in Russia and the current state of the economy

Professor Rory Medcalf
Head, ANU National Security College

Expertise: Implications for Indo-Pacific and global security, Taiwan parallels, the China-Russia dimension, democratic solidarity with Ukraine, the Finnish and Swedish NATO membership

Professor Stephan Frühling
ANU Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs 

Expertise: Australian defence policy, nuclear weapons, NATO reaction and support to Ukraine, European security, nuclear warfare concerns

Katherine Mansted
Senior Fellow, ANU National Security College

Expertise: Cyber warfare and cyber impacts for Australia 

Professor Clive Williams 
Visiting Fellow, ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre 

Expertise: Conduct of the war, longer term prospects, benefits for the US, propaganda by both sides

Professor Donald Rothwell 
ANU College of Law 
Expertise: International humanitarian law, war crimes, war crimes prosecutions, International Criminal Court, Ukraine/Russia International Court of Justice proceedings

Top image: Yehor Milohrodskyi/Unsplash

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