With the 2023-24 federal budget to be handed down on 9 May, The Australian National University (ANU) has experts who can comment on a range of topics.  

You can contact our experts via the details listed below. Alternatively, please reach out to the ANU Media team on our hotline +61 2 6125 7979 or by emailing media@anu.edu.au.

The ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods is also hosting the ANU Budget Breakfast at Old Parliament House from 7:30am-9am on Thursday 11 May. The breakfast will feature analysis from Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor, top economist Chris Richardson, and ANU experts Professor Ben Phillips, Professor Miranda Stewart and Professor Matthew Gray.

Media can register for this free event via Eventbrite.


Associate Professor Geoff Warren  
Expertise: Superannuation and retirement policy  
E: Geoff.Warren@anu.edu.au  

Peter Martin   
Expertise: Fiscal policy, economic forecasts, macroeconomics, budget strategy
E: Peter.Martin@anu.edu.au


Professor Mark Kenny   
Expertise: National politics, politics of the budget, democracy, policy challenge of cost-of-living crisis, fiscal policy  
E: Mark.Kenny@anu.edu.au


Dr Arnagretta Hunter  
Expertise: Health policy, climate change and health, wellbeing framework  
E: Arnagretta.Hunter@anu.edu.au


Professor Andrew Norton  
Expertise: Higher education policy and funding 
E: Andrew.Norton@anu.edu.au


Dr Liz Allen   
Expertise: Population, immigration, demography, inequality, social policy, public policy, housing  
E: Liz.Allen@anu.edu.au

Associate Professor Elise Klein 
Expertise: Social policy, JobSeeker, parenting payments, women’s economic security, compulsory income management
E: Elise.Klein@anu.edu.au

Professor Sharon Bessell
Expertise: Child poverty, poverty, food insecurity and housing insecurity (particularly children’s experiences), wellbeing and equality  
E:  Sharon.Bessell@anu.edu.au

Professor Peter Whiteford   
Expertise: Social security and welfare  
E: Peter.Whiteford@anu.edu.au


Dr Emma Aisbett  

Expertise: Green industrial policy (hydrogen and critical minerals, international partnerships and trade), international trade and investment (green supply chains) 
E: Emma.Aisbett@anu.edu.au

Professor Frank Jotzo  
Expertise: Climate change policy, energy policy, greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonisation and energy   
E: Frank.Jotzo@anu.edu.au


Tom Worthington 

Expertise: Computers, internet, defence and educational technology 
E: Tom.Worthington@anu.edu.au 

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